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струг корпус 
 водило 1 & 2
 двустапален планетарен
 планетарен редуктор
поръчков редуктор

Custom built two stages

planetary gearbox




A company which manufacture cranes called to PALINIKO with a problem with the planetary gearboxes for one of their cranes.

The Crane Company have often problems with the two stages planetary gearboxes and stops for overhaul frequently.

After a short consideration the Crane Company sent the planetary gearbox for diagnostics and optimization.




• Disassemble of the gearbox

• All gears have many cracks and broken teeth

• The internal spur gear have many cracks too

• The all bearings are broken


After the diagnostic PALIIKO give suggestion to the Crane Company about what should be optimized.




PALINIKO checked the materials, heat treatment and all other parameters of the existing gearbox and decided to optimize.


• New – better materials for all details

• New heat treatments

• Gear grinding of all spur gears

• New design of 1st and 2nd stages


After optimization the two stages planetary gearbox is up to 30% more reliable.


Manufacture time:


• New design – 10 days

• New casting – 30 days

• Manufacture of all gears and details – 20 days


Manufacture time 50 days after confirmation of the order.