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Manufacture Couplings




Using of couplings for transmissioning torque to shafts are known and high praised from engineers.

PALINIKO design and manufacture many variations of couplings.

Our company can supply standard couplings and custom built couplings depends of the customer needs.


PALINIKO produce the following types couplings:

  • gear couplings
  • nylicon gear couplings
  • pin bush couplings
  • crown pin couplings
  • rigid couplings
  • curved jaw couplings


PALINIKO can manufacture couplings with any technical requirements.

Many manufacturing companies over the world rely upon PALINIKO for their power transmission solutions.


We use the following types of materials: steel, stainless steel, cast, aluminium, plastic, delrin and many other in accordance with technical requirements and mechanical properties of the product.


Heat treatment is conformable with personal request and requirements.


Need a custom built coupling, PALINIKO is your decision.