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worm shaft
gear grinded
worm shaft
worm gear set

Manufacture Worm Shafts




Typically, worm shafts and worm gears are used to gain a large reduction of speed between driving and driven shafts in a relatively compact area.


Worm shafts can have single or multiple starts and have a right or left hand lead.


PALINIKO manufacture worm shafts:


  •  from module - 0.5 to module - 10
  •  in diameter up to 200mm



We have a big experience in production and repair of worm shafts.


Materials which we use in our production are: case hardening steels and many other in accordance with technical requirements and mechanical properties of the product.


Heat treatment is conformable with personal request and requirements.


Need a larger module or diameter, PALINIKO is your decision.