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new gear pump
new gear pump

Diagnostics and Consultancy of Gear Pump

Taiko Type - Horizontal Gear Pump



PALINIKO was invited by a Maritime customer to diagnostics

a Taiko Type - Horizontal Gear Pump breakdown.

After a short conversation with one of the diagnostic engineers was decided to ship the gear pump to our workshop.

After delivery the gear pump was disassembeled.


Scope of work


The inspection revealed several damages:

  • one of the bearings was broken
  • all teeth of the Segmental Gears were damaged
  • many cracks in the casting


After the inspection was decided that gear pump can not be repair.

The Maritime customer decided PALINIKO to manufacture a whole new gear pump.


Manufacture of Taiko Type - Horizontal Gear Pump


Scope of work:

  • designing of gear pump
  • new casting
  • manufacture of Segmental Gears
  • manufacture of new shafts
  • assembling