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custom gearbox Beehive 
 spur gears
 two output shafts
 Beehive Separator RSTC04

Gearbox Repair of Beehive Separator RSTC04



A company operating in the field of food processing contacted Paliniko to inspect and repair the gearbox of Beehive Separator RSTC04. The main problem is the noise and vibrations during operation of the gearbox. After a short conversation between a person from Paliniko and the Customer the same day the gearbox was delivered in our workshop for inspection.The gearbox was disassembled and every part was checked. The problem is the teeth of the two spur gears which lied on the two shafts, the teeth have many damages and one of the shafts was twisted.


Gearbox Specifications:


  • Custom Gearbox for Beehive Separator RSTC04

 Main Housing





 Beehive  15617-7  U.S.A.  66-14-4
 Flange  Beehive  19552-3  U.S.A.  193-28-5


Scope of work:


  • disassembling
  • inspection of every each part
  • manufacture of spur gears - 2pc.
  • manufacture of a spline axel - 1pc.
  • assembling


It takes 10 days to repair the gearbox and the customer to have it and continue with the production.


Our customer appreciate for the fast repair of the gearbox.


In need we could manufacture a completely assembled gearbox.


Paliniko repair any kind gearboxes for Beehive Equipment.