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internal gear Ф585

3th stage
2nd stage
spline shafts

Complete Gear Set for

Cargo Crane Gearbox



A maritime customer from Rotterdam connected PALINIKO after gearbox breakdown of one of their Cargo Cranes.

The customer sent pictures of the gearbox and after a short conversation it was decided to send the complete gear set to our workshop.


The problem of the planetary gearbox was that all of the 1st three stages was broken.

First we had to dismantle and clean all spare parts, so that we could do all measurements.

We measured and checked all parameters and dimensions of the sun gears, planetary gears, internal gears and the carrier, so that we could make drawings of all items.


The complete gear set was manufactured for less than 30 days and it was sent to the customer.


Gearbox Specifications:


Type: SUA 5250 / 4DSWK12.5

Planetary Gearbox 4 stages



Need a gearbox repair, PALINIKO is your decision.