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Cylindrical Gearbox


Flexibility, own production facility and knowledge of gear technology are typical feature to PALINIKO.


The company strives to keep knowledge at the highest level as a quality of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) by the development of new gearboxes and machines, made by the newest technologies. The engineers from the Engineering Department supervise ready gearboxes for the modifications which were made.




Usually, the customers only need to leave desired gearbox, axel centre – to centre distances and the power for a new  gearbox to be built.


In short terms our engineers discuss the project and concomitant calculating with the customers. After receiving the order, we make sketches of all parts of the gearbox and starts manufacturing. That type of succession give us opportunity to design, modify, make and supply high quality custom built gearbox within three months.


2D and 3D drawing software is also used to design and modify gearbox parts,

for example calculating of stresses, own frequinces and e.t.c.


Need a custom built cylindrical gearbox, Paliniko is your decision.