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custom spur gears 
 spur gears
 gear cutting
 for Kuhn / herse rotative
 small spur gears
made of stainless steel

Spur Gears


Spur gears also known as straight gears are the most common type of gear.

They are used to transmit motion between two parallel shafts,

Paliniko manufacture spur gears in a wide range of sizes and volumes.

Our company produce standard spur gears and custom gears.

The spur gears manufactured by our company meet the highest quality requirements in precision and reliability.

We have the capacity to produce gears in a very short time.


PALINIKO manufacture spur gears:

  • module  : from 0.5 to module 30
  • diameter: up to 1400mm
  • quantity : 1 - 1000


We have gear grinding machines so, we could grind the teeth of your gears after hardening to reach your standards.

Paliniko manufacture gears in conformance with DIN3960, DIN3961, DIN3967, DIN3990.


Materials which we used in production are: steel, stainless steel, cast, aluminium, plastic, delrin and many other in accordance with technical requirements and mechanical properties of the item.


Need a spur gear, PALINIKO is your decision.