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Fast gearbox repair



Paliniko is a specialised gearbox repair company. We repair all types and brands of gearboxes and related drive types. We overhaul gearboxes for the most stressed, the most responsible and the most demanding market segments (heavy industry, marine, mining, cement), where our clients expect the fastest response in order to minimize downtime costs. We therefore offer in Bulgaria and outside gearbox support.



Emergency gearbox breakdown!!!

The client contacts Paliniko for emergency gearbox repair.

How we work/Step by step



Inspection of the gearbox

This can be done in our workshop or an engineer from Paliniko can visit the site of the customer and determines the  condition of the gearbox, bearing settings, gear clearance and cracks examination. Paliniko informs the customers about the estimated time for repair and cost of the project.


Transport to our workshop

The damaged parts of the gearbox will be transported. Our workshop is equipped with a lot of and different kind of machines which allowed to offer our customers the fastest gearbox repair worldwide. Instead of sending the parts to our workshop, we can also send an engineer to the customer's site to draw the parts.


Disassembly of the gearbox, failure analysis and inspection report

In our workshop the gearbox will be carefully disassembled.Our service department has a wide range of specialised tools and machines in order to determine the condition of the gearbox. Complete inspection report will be performed and send to the customer together with a final quotation and full repair advice.

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Fast gearbox overhaul, manufacturing of the spare parts & gearbox assembly

The gearbox will be repaired in our workshop and the spare parts will be manufactured. Our extensive inhouse-facilities enables us to offer our customers complete gearbox services.

The gearbox with new parts is assembled. Bearing and gear clearance are adjusted and contact patterns are recorded. We can grind the gears in our gear-cutting department, if, due to circumstances, the gear clearance or contact patterns are not in accordance with the specifications. Once the gearbox has been assembled correctly, it will be tested for several hours.

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Transportation & onsite assembly of the gearbox

All results will be contained within our report, which will be handed over to the customer complete with all documents including any certificates after the overhaul.




Gearbox problems? Contact Paliniko



*The usual time for repair is 7-10 days but depending from the breakdown.