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m=15, z=37 
 gear hobbing machine
 ready for shipment

Production of Large Spur Gears



A customer from the Mining Industry was looking for a reliable company which could produce a Large Spur Gears as soon as possible and with the best quality.

After a short conversation between a representative person from Paliniko and the customer, was decided to be send a request for production.

Paliniko received a request for manufacturing of 19pc. Large Spur Gears.

On the second day the offer was sent to the customer.

After a couple of days the offer was confirmed and we started with the production.

Paliniko manufactured Spur Gear m=15 , z=37 - 19pc.

We produced the gears for approximately 45 days after confirmation.

The customer received the gears and he was satisfied from the service provided by Paliniko.



Paliniko produce large spur gears for any industry.