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Manufacture Planetary Gearbox




In applications where it is necessary to ensure proper alignment between a gearbox and a driven shaft, PALINIKO provide the ideal solution.


Production of planetary gearbox.


One of the main services at PALINIKO is manufacture and repair of planetary gearboxes.

PALINIKO is fully equipped to produce standard planetary gearboxes and custom planetary gearboxes.

The company have a big variety of Gear Shaping and Gear Hobbing Machines and could produce the desired planetary gearbox.

We could manufacture even 1pc. planetary gearbox as a prototype.

PALINIKO keeps the quality of the production on the highest level with constantly improving of the production process.


Technical information:


- we could manufacture  internal gear up to 1200mm.

- module up to 14

- we could grind the sun gears completely ( hole, faces, teeth )

   with 100% accuracy

- assembling of the gearbox



Need a custom built planetary gearbox,

PALINIKO is your decision.