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Manufacture of Worm Gears



PALINIKO manufactures tight tolerance precision worm gears to exacting standards and specifications.

Our company can produce the most complex worm gear designs, including single or multiple threading and left or right hand worm gears.

PALINIKO is focus on providing worm wheels and worm shafts for industrial machining applications.

These gear sets are manufactured for applications requiring high-ratio speed reduction in a limited space.

Worm gears are typically used when large gear reductions are needed.

It is common for worm gears to have reductions of 25:1 and higher.

When engineered correctly, worm gears provide continuous, dependable, smooth and quiet running gearing.

Worm gears are often called worm wheels.


PALINIKO produce worm gears:


  •  from module - 0.5 to module - 16
  • in diameter up to 1000mm



We have a big experience in the production and repair of worm gears.


Materials which we used in production are: steel, cast, iron, aluminium, plastic, delrin and many other in accordance with technical requirements and mechanical properties of the product.



Need a larger module or diameter, PALINIKO is your decision.