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involute splines

шлицев вал

DIN 5482

шлицеви валове

Manufacture Spline Shaft




PALINIKO manufacture all types of spline shafts, which are largely used for various industrial applications.

Many of our shafts are used in the Agricultural, Food and Maritime Industry.


PALINIKO produce the following types spline shafts:

  • spline shaft ( involute splines ) according to DIN 5480, DIN 5482
  • spline shaft ( straight splines ) according to DIN 5462, DIN 5463, DIN 5464, DIN 5471, DIN 5472
  • spline shaft according to DIN 5481
  • custom built spline shaft


PALINIKO manufacture spline shafts since 20 years.


We use the following types of materials: steel, stainless steel, cast, aluminium, plastic, delrin and many other in accordance with technical requirements and mechanical properties of the product.


Heat treatment is conformable with personal request and requirements.


Need a custom built spline shaft, PALINIKO is your decision.