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 Gearbox services

for Maritime customers


For over 17 years, the diverse nature of the marine industry has been at the heart of our business. We are specialised in repair and maintenance of coastal and ocean going vessels and have the trust and confidence of a wide range of marine customers including container ships, passenger vessels, bulk carriers, self unloading vessels, fishery vessels and more. With one of the largest selection of machining equipment for gearboxes repair in Bulgaria and a highly qualified staff, we respond quickly and effectively to keep your vessels or fleet in service.


With our own quality control and lab equipment we monitor our production at every stage of the repairing process from buying the materials up to the assembled of the gearbox to guarantee the best quality.


Reconditioned gearboxes and spare parts are delivered worldwide by Paliniko.


We offer:


Service 24/7: On site and In shop

Engineering: Custom built gearboxes and special purpose machine

Repair: Gearboxes, Pumps, Main Engines, Auxiliary Engines



Paliniko repair all brands and types of gearboxes.





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