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vestas wind turbine 
housing repair

Gearbox repair of Flender Peak 4280

for Vestas wind turbine


PALINIKO was invited by an wind turbine owner to perform an inspection of one of their Vestas wind turbine gearboxes / Flender Peak 4280 /.

Our company sent one of its engineers to the site to perform a visual inspection.

The inspection revealed cracks in the gearbox housing.

Because of the size and weight of the gearbox, PALINIKO decided to do the repair onsite.

Equipped with portable boring machine WS3, it was easy task.


Scope of work

  • visual inspection of the gearbox housing
  • dismantling of the gearbox
  • onsite cracks testing
  • machining of bore of the gearbox housing
  • manufacture of bush
  • assembly of the bush


Inspection and repair of wind turbines require specific skills and qualifications which our staff have it in order to operate successfully in such a challenging environment.