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Manufacture Worm Gearbox



In applications where it is necessary to ensure large gear reductions, PALINIKO suggest worm gear set.

It is common for worm gearboxes to have reductions of 20:1 and higher.

PALINIKO is specialized in production of precision cut worm gear sets for applications requiring high ratio speed reduction in a limited space.

Our worm gears and worm shafts are manufactured to exacting standards and requirements.

PALINIKO can produce the most complex worm gear designs, including single or multiple threading and right or left hand worm gears.

We focus on providing worm gears and worms for any applications.

PALINIKO produce custom worm gearboxes for many industries, from small to large, in a variety of materials and size ranges.

When engineered correctly, worm gears provides continuous, dependable, smooth and quiet running gearing.



Need a worm gearbox, PALINIKO is your decision.