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custom spur gears 
 spur gears
 gear cutting
 for Kuhn / herse rotative
 small spur gears
made of stainless steel

Manufacture Spur Gears



These gears are intended to provide uniform rotation from one axis to the other, as axis are parallel.


PALINIKO produce spur gears:

  • from module - 0.5 to module - 16
  • in diameter up to 1400mm


We have gear grinding machines so, we could grind the teeth if it is necessary.

We could manufacture custom built spur gears.

Quantity: 1 to 1000

PALINIKO have big experience in manufacturing of spur gears.


Materials which we used in production are: steel, cast, iron, aluminium, plastic, delrin and many other in accordance with technical requirements and mechanical properties of the item.


Heat treatment is conformable with personal request and requirements.


Need a spur gear, PALINIKO is your decision.